Monday, October 4, 2010

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Andy and I talked about what our ultimate family vacation would be. Neither he nor I have ever been to Walt Disney World so of course that was what we mentioned first. The boys would probably have a great time, and they’re at ages where I think they’d remember the trip but we wanted to toss out a few more ideas before we settled on one super great one. We talked about going back to Hawaii, where we spent two weeks for our honeymoon. We talked about going to Japan, back to where Andy was stationed for a year during his time in the Marines.

Every place sounded great, but as I was downstairs doing laundry last night and I tripped over a bag of hockey equipment, I suddenly knew what would be the Ultimate Family Vacation for our family.

Before I give you all the details, let me explain our backgrounds a little bit. Andy is originally from Canada. He learned to skate when he was about 4 and started playing hockey when he was 6. Even now that he’s 45, he still plays hockey as much as he can, although these days it’s either with a no-check men’s league or no-check pickup games. Last year we started the boys on their hockey playing adventure and this year both will be playing on the junior house league at the local rink. I have zero hockey experience, and in fact prior to meeting Andy in 1994, I had never in my life even watched a hockey game. When I began dating a hockey loving man from Canada, that quickly changed. Thank goodness for the NHL channel and the Versus channel for being part of our package on DirecTV. Because of them, we enjoy watching a lot of hockey games throughout the season.

Wouldn’t it be cool if we were able to go on an Ultimate Family Vacation, by visiting the 30 cities around the US and Canada that have NHL franchises and stopping at each team’s venue to watch a game? Also included would be to have the opportunity to meet all the players of each team and have our pictures taken with them, get autographs and get some ice time with the teams during a practice. Hopefully at some point during our travels, we’d be able to be in the same room as the Stanley Cup trophy – I know I’d never get the grin off Andy’s face if he ever had the chance to be that close to the Stanley Cup. And of course, we’d either start off or end the trip with a stop at the NHL Hall of Fame in Toronto.

I can only think of 2 potential issues with this vacation. The boys would miss an awful lot of school, so we’d have to have provisions for them to do their schoolwork from the road. There are 4 of us in this house, all with different opinions of who his/her favorite NHL team is. So how would we decide where to start off our road trip? Would we make our first stop in Boston for Steven or in Pittsburgh for Trevor? Or maybe Detroit for me or Montreal for Andy?

Regardless of which city we hit first, I know that this dream vacation would be one of the best family vacations that we’ve ever been on and it would be a trip my kids would NEVER forget!!!

So what is your family’s idea of an ultimate family vacation?

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