Thursday, September 16, 2010

Join the Plum District for local savings!

Have you heard about Plum District?

Exclusive Daily Deals for Moms and Their Families from

Plum District is a daily deal website that features deep discounts on services and products that moms and their families want and need most. There's currently 45 cities that you can choose from, or they have an Everywhere option that you can choose for deals that you can take advantage of no matter where you call home. I chose the Everywhere option since the closest city is 2 hours from me - one of the prices I pay for living in the middle of nowhere!!

When you sign up, you'll receive a daily email letting you know about the daily Plum deal. If it's something you're interested in, just click on the Buy button. You also can share the deals with your friends and you'll receive a $10 Plum Dollar referral bonus (to use toward your next Plum Deal purchase) for every friend that you refer that makes a purchase.

To give you an example of a deal, if you sign up for the Everywhere edition today, you'll be able to score a voucher for $40 worth of merchandise at for only $20.00 Of course there's bound to be restrictions, but they are clearly stated on the Deals page, so there's no surprises after you've made the purchase. For instance, some of today's fine print lets you know that the voucher is transferable, only one voucher allowed per transaction, redeemable online ONLY, no cash back, and that the deal expires on 9/18/2010, so you do have to act quickly!!!

Past deals have included local and national discounts between 50% and 90% on everything from pedicures to Pilates classes, restaurant discounts, tennis lessons, vacation activities, parking passes, big name department store discounts, and much more.

Anyways, check it out and feel free to comment on any good deals that you find for your city!


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